Gare de Maghnia

CLIENT: Yüksel Proje A.Ş.

PLACE: Maghnia / Algeria


CONSTRUCTION AREA 6907 m2 (Station 3157m2 + Plateforms 3750m2)

The train station project, designed for the city of Maghnia, located in the northwest of Algeria, seeks an architectural answer to the question of how a public building can be in the Mediterranean climate.


In this sense, the employer is convinced that the preliminary project he offers is incompatible with local spatial constructions and the design is based on a fragmentary approach rather than a holistic approach that analyzes all functions in a single mass.


The basic functions of the station are designed in 3 different blocks. The block, which includes administrative and technical functions, forms the boundary between interior and exterior in the west direction of the facility, while the other 2 blocks housing operational and service functions describe the open and semi-open areas in the east. The main space connecting the blocks is the central station hall. The main station hall, which is the memory of the transportation experience, combines and separates all functions as an interface between the city and the platforms. The semi-open courtyard on the east wall of the hall enriches the passengers' experiences with water and landscape elements.


The canopy covering the blocks and platforms is proposed as an architectural element that carries the station building, which consists of plain, prismatic masses, to the urban scale. The 4m high section between the blocks and the canopy provides the natural ventilation of the building.


While the facades facing the the city are designed as solid with small openings for heat gain and loss, the facades facing the semi-open courtyard under the canopy is more transparent providing controlled daylight to the building.


Long-lasting and maintenance-free local stone is used on the facades. The same stone has been transformed into a structural shutter element in urban facades by solid/void  usage.



Serbest Mimar, 36. sayı - Gare De Maghnia