TÇMT is an architectural design office established in 1993 by  Tülin Çetin (M.S. Arch) in Ankara, Turkey. Approximately 200 projects with different scales, programs and context have been completed within the firm and more than half of them have been built. Completed projects include housing, office, cultural buildings, military buildings and industrial buildings. Ports, railway stations, overpasses, pedestrian corridors, are the projects that have been mostly worked on recently. Project locations cover various countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Iraq, Moldova, Libya, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea and Greece.


Architectural Design, Interior Design, Object Design, Projecting with All Stages, Project Coordination and Professional Supervision services are provided. From the beginning of the project until the end of the production, the whole of the services makes possible the follow-up of the idea presented as an architect / designer in a multidisciplinary process between design and final product.


Architecture and Design; formats cities, people, lives and nature through spatial language. Being aware of this professional responsibility; each design problem is addressed with a contemporary, sustainable approach, staying faithful to its context, focusing on nature and people. The resulting products are a design effort shown to embody the conceptual basis.



Tülin Çetin (M.S. Arch) obtained her Bachelor's degree from METU Department of Architecture in 1986. She worked as Project Architect at METU Revolving Fund Project Section and as research assistant in METU "House Research Center"   between 1986 - 1988. She obtained her Master of Science in Architecture degree from METU Department of Architecture in 1990. Till 1993 she worked at various architecture offices and participated in architectural competitions. She established her architectural office in 1993 and continue practising since then. Core of interests are urban architecture and city of Ankara. She is member of TED Alumni Society, METU Alumni Society, UCTEA Chamber of Architects and Turkish Association of Architects  in Private Practice (TAAPP).